Why Buy a Sports Attack Cricket Machine?


The Crick Attack is revolutionizing cricket batting practice! The Crick Attack is a high performance machine that was designed to bowl realistic deliveries, just as if you were facing a bowler out in the middle.


Our patented vision technology allows the batsmen to track the ball all the way through to delivery. Batsmen can now set and do their trigger movements as if facing a real live bowler. With the Crick Attack the batsmen can now bat against a bowling machine without having to pre- meditate shots or guess when the ball will be delivered.


Unlike other competitive machines, the Crick Attack uses leather cricket balls. Finally your batsmen can bat against leather balls! Batsmen automatically feel the leather ball on the bat and know if they have middled the ball or not. And because of the three wheels, the Crick Attack delivers the ball seam up, this gives you variable movement off the seam as well as the machine having the ability to bowl an authentic swing delivery.

Crick Attack Cricket Machine

    • The Crick Attack has a measured ball chute, the distance has been calculated to match the speed of an average bowling action. The batsman can see the ball all the way through to delivery as it is not obscured. This helps with trigger movements and getting set as if facing a real live bowler in the middle. Timing is improved as your stroke play and shots are not rushed as is the case when batting against conventional bowling machines.